DVD "Asia's Oceans(1) Poison and Bombs"
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DVD "Asia's Oceans(1) Poison and Bombs"

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Narration in English. A leaflet in English included. What is happening in the Asia's Oceans now ? Featuring 7 short documentaries on Corals and Fishermen in Indonesia. < Contents> 1. Where Do the Ornamental Fish Come From (19min) 2. Diving for Sea cucumbers (18min) 3. Live Reef Fish from Ocean to Table (15min) 4. Fishermen's Feast (7min) 5. Dynamite Fishing (15min) 6. Lecture: Destructive Fishing Practices and Coral reefs (14min) 7. In Pursuit of Poachers (18min) Director and Cameraman : Kyoko Miyazawa Underwater Cameraman : Muhammad Ridwan Alimuddin Editor : Osamu Monden, Kyoko Miyazawa Sound Designer : Noriko Tomatani Production and Copyright: Studio UMI, Inc. 2004